Green Weekend Vibes

Happy Monday everyone! Even in these uncertain times, I think we can all agree that Monday’s still come with a certain level of anxiety. All Sunday long, we can feel their presence like a dog pulling a leash that we are desperately trying to restrain. But knowing that, I decided to take my Sunday into my own hands by finding some rest and relaxation through some of my favorite activities.


I began my Sunday with some Avocado toast. It’s an old staple but I love it and it makes me feel like I’m starting off my day with something healthy.  A good choice at the beginning of the day can sometimes make all the difference. I can’t tell you how many times hitting the snooze button 18 times has started my day off on the wrong foot.

Avocados are nutrient rich and nearly sugar free.  Plus, thanks to a healthy amount of fiber, they’re great for digestion.  There’s a reason these are called a super food. Avocados have even been linked to preventing cancer and helping with vision, both things I need in my cocktail of bad genes and chronic illnesses from my family tree.  I add some grape tomatoes, sea salt and chili flakes to my Avo Toast for a little extra zing. I also use low-cal vegan bread to keep the carbs down.


With some nourishment in my body, it was time to nourish my mind. I’ve really been using downtime to catch up on my massive To-Be-Read pile, which is good because it has gotten out of control. These are the three books I’m woking on at the moment, but the avocados had me feeling those green vibes so I decided to finish off Frankly in Love by David Yoon.

The book follows Frank Li, a high school kid who is just trying to find his place in the world. His parents are Korean immigrants, but he doesn’t even really speak the language. As he tries to navigate his senior year, he has to struggle with his parents, who have very defined ideas of what they want for him, and figuring out what he wants for himself. Filled with love and how our culture affects the partners we choose, as well as deeply moving insights on families who aren’t great at communicating, this one had me hooked. I’m a big YA Fiction fan, and while I almost didn’t pick this one up, I’m glad I gave it the chance. It was funny, heartwarming and went down perfectly with my toast.


And of course, I couldn’t leave out my face on this self-care party I was attending! The color green and I were getting along pretty splendidly by now so I threw on some Green Day and pulled out two of my favorite facial products for a ‘Treat-yo-Self’ kind of moment.

We already talked about those amazing internal Avocado benefits but let me just tell you that it does some magic things on your face too. Avocado Fruit Extracts work to restore and revitalize skin, making it softer and more hydrated. And I KNOW I need some softening in my life right now. Avocado Oils are also amazing! These unsaturated fatty acids nourish the skin like crazy thanks to a healthy blend of omegas.


The Avocado Nourishing Hydration Mask also has Evening Primrose Oil, which comes right from the seeds of the flower and helps improve the overall skin quality. Also, how beautiful does that mask look when freshly opened. It’s like I sliced open another avocado for my toast. Yum!


Make sure you’re applying this so its chunky on your skin though. It’s the avocado and our face is the toast! Also, pardon the messy hair. It was my day off for goodness sake! The Avocado Nourishing Hydration Mask can vibe out on your face for 15 to 20 minutes.  Then just rinse it off and feel that baby-butt smooth skin!


And of course, don’t forget those eyes! Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado is a go-to for me. It doesn’t migrate and sits great under concealer, which I know I need to hide these dark circles! My old boss used to say “Bag-Check” as I was leaving work and then point to my eyes.  Yikes!

Anyway, we’ve got some of those nourishing Avocado Oils along with some Shea Butter all the way from the fruit of the African Karate tree to help with protecting against skin dehydration. Not to mention some good old anti-oxidant packed Beta Carotene. I had to take it down a notch on eating beta carotene infused foods like carrots because I was turning my skin orange, but at least I can still have them in my eye cream!

You can use the Avocado Eye cream as an eye moisturizer, but I applied thick globs under my eyes and left it for 10 minutes as an under eye mask. So refreshing!!!


Mondays can be scary, but thanks to a crazy relaxing Sunday, I’m feeling rested and ready to go go go! What did you guys do to chill out this weekend? Let me know in the comments and have a great start to the week!

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